Friday, January 30, 2015

Four weeks.

It's been four weeks since I've last seen or talked to my brother.

The last conversation I remember having with him was about his first kiss. I'm not sure how it even came up, talking about random people I guess. And Jesse said, "Yeah Alexis was my first kiss."

"She was like 13, and you were what? Like 10? I think that's statutory at that age!" I laughed. "What happened to her anyway? Wasn't she sick? Did she die?"

"Yeah, she had lupus, but she died from a heroin overdose."

Who would have thought that a few hours later he would die the same exact way?

We all knew things were bad. But they never seemed that bad. Certainly no one ever thought it was going to end like this. I knew the tension was building, and the situation wasn't good. I kept thinking, this is going to end badly. I just never thought it would end this badly.

So what am I going to do now? How is this huge trial going to change me? What good can come from this? Because I need to believe something good can come from this.

Four weeks.

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